You might have noticed that there was a lot of news about the future site of a Marriott Hotel in downtown Escondido recently. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the plans to build a Marriott Hotel between the California Center for the Performing Arts and City Hall, which have been in development since December, were scrapped when the City Council decided to end negotiations with local developer Craig Clark. The Council agreed that a hotel in downtown Escondido is the right move, but they thought that another location would be better. The Council’s view indicates that they want to continue to develop Escondido. This means that the future of the already growing city is very bright. It’s a good idea to make sure that your business in the area is prepared for the bright future with some bright signage. All Star Signs’ channel letters are a great option to make sure that you’ll be noticed now and in the future.

Escondido’s Future

With other hotels and attractions sprouting up in and near the city, Escondido seems to be ready to grow into a major destination. The name Escondido, as you might know, means “hidden” in Spanish and it looks like the hidden city might soon be on the map. Escondido is an affordable place to experience Southern California with major attractions close-by like the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and cultural centers in the city like the California Center for Performing Arts. This means Escondido is just waiting to make the jump to center stage in Northern San Diego County.

How Channel Letters by All Star Will Brighten Your Futurechannel letter fabrication

With this growth, there will be more competition and more opportunity in Escondido. This means it’s a great time to get ahead. By starting to increase your visibility now, you’ll ensure brand-awareness down the line as the city grows. This will give you supremacy in the market as competitors pop up throughout the area. It will also give you a solid customer base that will continue to patronize your business and recommend you in the future.

If you want to make major marketing moves and really build the visibility of your business, channel letter signs by All Star Signs are your best bet. We offer smaller signs, but if you want big, bright staying power a channel letter sign will draw business and keep you on the minds of your customers. Here’s why channel letters work:

Positioning, Size and Lighting

Channel letters are mounted right to your building or storefront. That height makes them visible at great distances. Couple that unobstructed view with bright lighting and you’ll have a hard time being ignored. Add the large size of these signs to that mix and you have the perfect combination of visibility and lighting to make sure your customers can find you and will remember you.


Channel letters are made to stay where they are as long as you need them there. You can make sure people know you’re here to stay by investing in these permanent signs.


Our channel letters can be made to build your brand with their shape and color. We’ll design a channel letter sign for you that matches your existing brand perfectly. There are also a variety of lighting options to choose from. Back lit, halo lit, front lit: we have lighting that will work perfectly with your sign’s design. And if you can’t have illuminated channel letter signs, we’ll provide non-illuminated signs that will look just as good and can even use spotlighting or landscape lights to make your business visible at night.

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Make sure you don’t delay in building your brand. Make sure that as the “hidden” city grows, you grow with it. Don’t play catch-up, invest in channel letters that will show your staying-power and build your brand now and in the future.

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