Tourism is a big part of San Diego County. In beach towns like Oceanside, tourism is a big industry. In fact, tourism has been a part of Oceanside for centuries. Even the name of the town comes from tourism. Going back as far as the 19th century, families who lived in the warmer inland parts of the area would travel to the “ocean side.” These families would enjoy the cooler weather and coastal opportunities, just as people vacationing in Oceanside do now. In time, going to the “ocean side” became going to Oceanside and when it came time to petition for a post office, the name Oceanside was used, making it official. Tourism is still a major part of Oceanside business. An easy way to grow that business in Oceanside or any popular tourist town is with window graphics and wraps by All Star Signs.

Best Practice for Tourist Towns

In towns where the populations fluctuate with tourist seasons, it’s hard to build a large permanent customer base. Most of your business during those times will be fleeting and forgetful. They may only spend a weekend in town or might not be back in the area for years, so there’s a good chance they might forget where you’re located or what you offer. Stay in their minds and remind them of what’s on the menu with window graphics and wraps.

Window Graphics and Wraps

Window Graphics - All Star Signs

Window graphics and wraps by All Star Signs are made to your specifications. If you need something that can go in your window and stay all year or something that can come down after the summer, All Star can help. Offering vinyl options for your windows, we can print any graphic or lettering you want on your signs and in any color. That means you can display a menu list of popular items or an image that represents your business with vinyl adhesives that will last. If you want something to advertise your yearly “Summer Sale,” we can make you a perfect, bright window cling wrap that can be taken down on Labor Day.

Depending on your needs, we can even put the window graphics on the inside or outside of your windows. In a place with salty sea air, like oceanside, putting your window graphics and wraps inside can increase their longevity.

Bring Back Seasonal Business

Make sure that customers who return to their inland homes remember your store when they come back to the beach. A good sign can keep your brand in the mind of a customer for a long while. Our team of graphic designers can help you come up with window graphics and wraps that catch the eye and stay in mind long after you’ve seen them. We can even add your brand colors to blend with your existing branding so that your sign reminds returning tourists and year-round customers alike what your store looks like before they even set foot in the door.

Window Graphics and Wraps