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Environmentally-Friendly, Artistic Wall Graphics

The California Center for the Arts in Escondido will be displaying two exhibits in their museum from April 8 until May 28. These exhibits are made of recycled trash and will take up the entire museum. Hoping to educate audiences on their role in the trash cycle, this “green” exhibit highlights the need for […]

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Boost Morale with Break Room Wall Graphics in Escondido CA

One of the saddest or most popular spaces within your workplace is your office break room. You could go the sad route. Your break room could feature uncomfortable folding chairs, sticky kitchenettes, old copies of trade magazines, and glaring overhead lights. Your walls could remain untouched since the day your business moved into the […]

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Brighten Interiors with Wall Mural Panels!

Carry your logo throughout your facilities. Brighten up a meeting room wall. Enhance the walls in your retail space with vibrant photos of happy clients using your goods. Update that long, boring hallway. These are just a few of the ways top quality wall mural panels for San Diego, CA can add visual interest […]

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