Whether you have decided to make an investment in a billboard, have an event coming up in which you will need a large banner, or are creating a new large sign for the brick and mortar location of your business, it all comes down to proper design. The fonts and colors you select during the design phase will impact how effective the sign is overall and will help determine if your marketing investment was worthwhile.

In fact, research into which medium you use is arguably less important than the visual and content decisions you make before even contacting a sign company or billboard company.

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Size and Scale

Depending on location, you could need a very large or smaller font size to get your point across. The same is true of the images you decide to use in your signage and marketing solution. A standard billboard that is found on the side of a roadway is 14 feet by 48 feet wide. This will be designed much differently than an 8 by 10-inch flyer. However, considering the size overall can be overwhelming while not providing much help. Instead, remember the scale of what you are working on while designing it.

Make Color Standout

Color and images are the most important part of a bigger marketing piece. Whether you are creating an LED sign for your store or a banner for a trade show, the images and color should communicate a lot about your brand since it is what will bring people in. After all, when is the last time you saw a large printed paragraph and wanted to learn more about the product it described? Instead, rely on high-quality images and make them the focal point to grab attention. Your hook can come later.


What your words look like can say more than what is written. For instance, if you have a professional company that sells liability insurance, you are unlikely to be taken seriously if you use a gothic or comic sans font. However, a more elegant font could communicate that you take your profession serious on a subtler level with the audience.

At All Star Signs, we take each consideration in the sign design process seriously. Contact us today to find out how we can fine tune your vision.