NBC San Diego recently reported that caffeine was found in streams in San Diego County. California’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) collected samples from 85 local water sources. Caffeine was found in more than half of those streams. Although it’s not a disastrous pollutant, the presence of this stimulant indicates the possibility of other more serious pollutants turning up in natural water sources. Even if the findings don’t spell disaster for local ecosystems, it’s clear that people have an impact on the world we live in. For this reason, All Star Signs tries to make sure that our digital printing is as green as we can get it.

How Caffeine Wound Up in Our Streams

Apparently, finding caffeine in the water was not a surprise to experts for the most part. Traces of caffeine are expected to be found in ground water close to human habitation. The puzzling thing was how caffeine wound up in more secluded waters without any natural sources.

Experts have concluded that these confusing findings were the result of people enjoying the wilderness and then finding themselves in need of a bathroom. The caffeine hits were found in areas where people often enjoyed the great-out-doors for recreation. The findings of SWAMP’s analysis show us two things: we drink too much coffee and we need to do what we can to lessen our environmental impact.

Green Digital Printing

Digital Printing - All Star Signs

In the modern world, it seems like almost everything we do leaves some mark on the environment around us. Apparently, even relieving yourself in nature can be problematic. More than ever, lessening our impact on the world we live in is an integral part of good business. At All Star Signs, we try to be as environmentally responsible as we can be. We use state-of-the-art digital printing technology that makes for a healthier environment.

Our HP Latex 360 Printer means no outgassing, a process where gasses are removed from substances over time or by heating them. Our digital printing methods also mean no solvents, which are petroleum-based liquids that are used to modify paints and inks or remove them completely. The HP Latex 360 Printer is also ENERGY STAR qualified to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. The HP Latex Inks that we use are nickel free, need no ventilation and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means that our products meet stricter certification criteria and are safe for use in places like schools and hospitals.

Green Doesn’t Mean Lower Quality

Our green technology and certifications are important to us. By going green we make our world a better place. That doesn’t mean you get anything less than the best digital printing in the business. Our advanced HP Latex 360 Printer does more than meet criteria for certifications, it prints vivid, sharp solid colors, fades and shades.

Our digital printing can put any image you need on a number of materials, including versatile vinyl. We can print wide format images on materials as thick as 3 inches. We can make banners, posters, decals, wall graphics and much more with our digital printing services. With All Star Signs digital printing, you can get awesome, versatile signage at an affordable price and without worrying about the environmental impact of our products.

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