The word “nerd” used to have negative associations. Nerds were the outsiders looking in. Today people use the title as a badge of honor and it’s the non-nerds who are outside, looking in on some of the world’s foremost minds, entertainers and creators. Nerds are proud of their title and nowhere are they prouder than at Comic-Con International: San Diego. If you do business in San Diego, you can make the most of this massive event by making sure your business is visible. Banners by All Star Signs will bring the caped masses to your doors and help build your brand with a massive audience.


San Diego has been hosting this event since the first “mini-con” held in 1970. That one-day event had about 100 attendees and was intended to raise money for a larger three-day event later in the year. Since 1970, Comic-Con has become a cultural phenomenon. With attendance reaching more than 130,000 people in recent years, San Diego has come to host the convention in more than one location, creating a Comic-Con campus of events throughout the city.

With this influx of proud people in capes and costumes, comes an influx of possible clients and customers for San Diego businesses.

How Banners Can Save the DayOpening Soon Banners for San Diego

Because so much goes on all over San Diego during this three-day convention, it’s going to be hard to ensure visibility for your brand. You’ll need to make sure that your marketing is big and bold to capitalize on the opportunity Comic-Con offers. With a banner, custom-made by All Star Signs, you can guarantee you’ll stand out in the hustle and bustle of frenetic “Con” energy and here’s why:

Big and Bold

After spending hours looking at displays, getting (and signing) autographs, screening films and enjoying the company of thousands of like-minds, Comic-Con attendees will be exhausted. Not only will they be physically tired, but the bright displays, pages of comic book graphics and mind-numbing volume of thousands of voices will have overloaded their senses.

Your simple storefront menu might be easily overlooked by the throngs of attendees walking aimlessly by your location. Even to zombified zombie-fans, a big banner with bright colors is hard to overlook. A banner can bring in business with its heroic proportions.

Beyond Branding

With people from all over the world, the Comic-Con community is incredibly welcoming. This diverse gathering gives you the opportunity to build your brand with people from other continents, let alone, from other parts of California.

The possible outreach potential of this event means that your brand should be central in the minds of customers. We make banners to your specifications and our digital printing technology can add your logo and colors to your banner. A banner made to mesh perfectly with your color scheme and message will present your brand loud and clear before clients even enter your business.

Beautiful Prints

Comic books have come to be regarded more and more as art, especially in the minds of devoted readers. With the content of comic books becoming more refined, you’ll need to make sure that your marketing has some graphics that will stand up to the discerning eye of comic book readers and aficionados.

All Star Signs prides itself on out top-of-the-line digital printing. We’ll put whatever graphics you need on your banner. More importantly, our technology ensures a quality image that will intrigue comic-lovers and hold up to even the most powerful X-ray vision at an affordable price.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Comic-Con International is a massive event. That can bring you massive profits if you use your marketing to its potential. By utilizing attention-grabbing size, brand-building customizability and beautiful digitally printed graphics, a banner is the best way to make sure that you’re reaching the broadest audience you can. And because of the durability of our banners, you’ll be able to use it year after year. With a banner by All Star Signs, Comic-Con attendees will stop and marvel at your storefront.