A smaller office poses a lot of difficulties when considering a redesign or updating the décor options. However, there are many ways to use the space to your advantage rather than have it hold back your design ideas. By using tricks of the trade that utilize the walls and space better, you can add pops of color and branding messages without sacrificing important space that is necessary for your office operations.

For a smaller space you will be spending a lot of time in, seeing the same blank walls can block creativity, even when your industry is a less creative field. The walls are often forgotten when it comes to imaginative solutions but they can be the biggest advantage for design work.high resolution digital prints in San Diego

Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall graphics are similar to stickers but are far more durable. Much like stickers, they can come in many sizes and shapes, with a variety of colors to work from. These can be used to create anything from a large mural to inspirational quotes. Due to how many colors and shapes there are to work with, they are one of the most customizable options with easy installation. They are also easy to take down and won’t leave any residue, making it a great solution for rented spaces.


From fabric prints to mounted prints, there are a lot of artistic solutions for walls. If you want to give a more gallery look and give the image of an art connoisseur, art prints are preferable over wall graphics. However, the two can be used together. Wall graphics can be positions around where art will be placed to give more dimension to your creation. Even better, this can be a great way to put branding messages together with artistic pieces.


Signs can also be used from lobby signs to positive reinforcement signage. Depending on what you hope to achieve on your walls, there are many approaches. Signs come off more professional than posters and give an air of competence while conveying the same messaging.

Fabric Prints

Fabric is a great way to express a brand artistically. In some cases, people have used draped fabric to give the appearance of a window when there isn’t one, and colorful prints and patterns have been added to space to give pops of color in limited space.

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