Window art doesn’t have to purely be for decoration. Instead, window graphics can be used creatively to fill another need for the location. With options in translucency to fit any look, there are plenty of ways to use a window cling or graphic to your full advantage. All clings are perforated, meaning they have tiny holes throughout the film that allows light to shine through the cling. However, since the holes are so small, the image will still look solid and full.

This type of film makes it so passersby can’t look in but those inside will still have a full view of outside. There are a few ways to take advantage of this feature.

storefront window graphics for San Marcos CA retailers


Window graphics can work the same as a two-way mirror since those behind can see out the window but passersby cannot look in. This is a great solution when you have windows where your employees work and don’t want those passing by to be able to see in. This solution makes it so the employees still have a view of outside, meaning they won’t feel trapped. There are other applications for this, such as in conference rooms or in a retail location so management can keep an eye on the store.


Since these are graphics that can be customized for any images or text, they can be used to support messaging for your brand. This can be done on windows that face out to show off what you have to offer to passersby but can also be used on the go. This is done by adding them to vehicles used for company purposes or when you have a vehicle you regularly use and don’t mind applying brand messaging. Since the graphics are perforated, you can do the entire back window of a vehicle without obstructing the view of the driver.


In the same vein as privacy, these graphics can add security, especially for a retail store. They are an attractive solution to help important staff members see the store without the customers knowing they are being observed. They will also block the view of important information in the management office, making it easy to stay on top of work while keeping an eye out.


Of course, any graphics also add to the décor of an office or retail space. Choosing the right message can vamp up the look of a space while also enjoying the other benefits. If you’re ready to use attractive graphics as a solution for any of the listed benefits, contact us today.