storefront window graphics for San Marcos CA retailersHaving visually appealing graphics for a retail store may not be enough. Instead, it is important to create compelling graphics and signage that truly reflect your business and the services you have to offer due to the competitive marketplace for consumers. However, this doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. With the right organization and setting goals, you can best display your work and what you have to offer in an affordable way.

The first tip is using window decals rather than having the old school method of painting windows. Painting the windows does not last as long and it looks cheap once it starts to fade. The vinyl used for window decals has UV protection and is built to last. Even better, it is much easier to remove and won’t leave behind the same reside and tinted glass.

Ready to get started on your window display using our decals? Here are a few tips from the professionals to help you get started.

Compelling Retail Signage

  • Short and Sweet. Getting to the point quickly is important in all signage. Those passing your business have a limited opportunity to get a sense of what your business does and what services are offered. Rather than trying to get every bullet point in your list of services, focus on what sets you apart from other stores.
  • Readable. With such little time for an impression, it’s important words are so easy to read that it’s harder not to read them. Doing this can be simple. Choosing a very legible typeface and making letters larger and bold will catch attention, even from those that didn’t mean to read your sign.
  • Focus on the Customer. Using “you” and words similar can have a psychological effect on passersby. It can give the impression you are speaking directly to the customer and make them feel part of the process. Even more important, it communicates the most important part of your business is the customer.
  • Why Your Product? A great focus for any signage is why the customer should use your products or services. For instance, a sign that says the purpose of the product will do better than one that describes the product, as the customer can often observe what the product is. If you are selling flowers, you are selling the gift the customer is giving and the experience of receiving flowers, as the customer already knows what a flower is.

Need help focusing? Contact us today and our team will help get your message across.