For a long time, a trip to the local zoo or aquarium has been a great way for parents to get their children outside, keep them (mostly) out of trouble and spend quality time with them during the summer. In an area like San Diego County, with a very popular zoo and a very popular aquarium so close, summer tourism booms. With the amount of traffic that these places receive, it’s a good idea to make sure that your San Diego County business is doing everything it can in the marketing department. A great way to make use of the extra-busy summer tourist season is with vehicle wraps by All Star Signs.

The Attractions

Sea World has been around for a long time. It opened in 1964. The San Diego Zoo has been around even longer. The zoo was founded in 1916 (that’s one hundred and one years of tourism). Both attractions have been popular destinations during their tenure. With the Zoo in Balboa Park and Sea World in Mission Bay Park, San Diego is a summer hot spot. Those tourists come from near and far to see the parks and their inhabitants. Local parents take day trips with their children to two of the world’s most pre-eminent animal parks. And because of the popularity of these institutions, parents from around the world are planning summer vacations around these attractions.

Vehicle Wraps for a Booming Summervehicle wraps for restaurants in Oceanside CA

With the number of tourists entering San Diego and moving through the area during the summer season, there are real opportunities to grow your business outside of your normal clients. By foot, bus, car or train people are entering and leaving San Diego for any number of reasons.

Some are coming from the beach to go to Sea World. Some are leaving Sea World to go to the beach. Maybe mom or dad snuck away to play golf in Miramar. Maybe after spending a few days at the San Diego Zoo, the family is headed to Escondido to check out the Zoo’s Safari Park. All of this means people will be on the roads of San Diego County. And during the summer they’ll be moving during the week and the weekend at all hours. If you want to get your name and your brand out there during the summer in San Diego County, a great way to do that is with vehicle wraps by All Star Signs.

If your business uses vehicles for deliveries, repairs or any other service, adding a customized vehicle wrap to your car, truck or van can make some big moves with your marketing. You could even add a wrap to your personal vehicle to advertise your small business. For hotels with golf carts, get the attention of those tourists you’re trying to wrangle with a professional looking graphic and logo. There are a lot of ways to make a vehicle wrap work for you. Once they’re installed they’ll bring your name and brand with you wherever you go.

Broaden your Horizons

Because your vehicles are out on the roads, putting a wrap on them in time for summer will get you farther. The number of people and the diverse places that these people come from mean that your business and brand can reach demographics you never thought you could. If you’ve been looking for a way to explore other markets, vehicle wraps help you create a beachhead from which you can grow.

Tourists mean more traffic and more traffic means more traffic jams. You can make your vehicles work for you even as you sit in a line of cars waiting to get onto I-15. And the best part is that our vehicle wraps are totally customizable. If want a full wrap or just a partial wrap, we can add whatever colors, graphics and lettering you want.

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